Composite Screen

Composite screen is similar with the hookstrip flat screen on the structure.Main feature as follow:
These products soft screen are constructed with two to four 304 stainless steel wire cloth layers combined compositly together. Without steel backing plate, can get an effective filtering area. The bottom of the thick wire cloth, not only for the above screen cloth better filter, and also support it, save the screen lifetime.

Screen Common Model
Modle Brand&Model for shaker Mesh Range Dimension
(Length x Width)
SJZ-12 NCS-300×2 20—325 1040×600mm 1.6KGS
SJZ-13 ZCN 20—325 1400×460mm 2.6KGS
SJZ-14 NS-115/2 20—325 1150×1000m 2.9KGS
SJZ-15 JSS(U.S.A) 20—80 927×914mm 2.3KGS
SJZ-16 USS(U.S.A) 20—80 1524×1219mm 4.6KGS